Electronic Handbrake Fault


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I've got a 2006 VW Passat (new shape), which has an electric handbrake, there's just a button you press on the dash.

Recently the hand brake has started to not release, I press the button, nothing happens (the light stays on the button), keep pressing, still nothing. I have to turn the engine off, lock the doors again, wait a few seconds, unlock the doors, start the engine and most times this resolves the issue. - It does sometimes flash parking fault on the dash when doing this

Once though this didn't do anything, and the parking light started flash, couldn't release it, in the end I disconnected the battery and then when I reconnected I was able to release the parking brake.

Does anyone have any ideas what the cause could be, and the best way to resolve the problem? - with out costing a fortune.

Any help will be appreciated.


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