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Anyone got the part number for the missing rubber grommet for the s3 engine cover?




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That sounds about right. Not just Audi. My previous Mercedes had the same issue. After a couple of services the dealers apparently considered one grommet was perfectly fine for the holding the engine cover in place. After buying new grommets, my solution was to put a smear of silicone grease in the holes of the grommets. This allowed the cover to be fitted and removed easily without pushing the grommets out of place. It still stayed in place with no problem.


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Every time my car went in for a service it came back with that grommet missing, there must me a load of them on the workshop floor.

The part number is 07C103226B @ £2.98

The other three black ones are different and the part number for them is like the one from pburv above. 06J103226A
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