EPB on while in Drive and stationary


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Hi everyone, I have been told on another forum that when stationary it is always best to shift into Neutral before applying the EPB and release the foot brake (automatic transmission tiptronic)
In my car manual instead, it says that it is ok to remain in Drive.
The person suggested that the clutch keeps spinning on the biting point when the foot brake is released because of the creeping function.
What do you say?
Is it true that being in Drive without foot brake and with EPB on wears the clutch prematurely?


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Sounds like they are confused between a tiptronic and s-tronic gearbox :confusion:
Tiptronic has a torque converter, no clutch to "wear out". The s-tronic is a manual with robots to change gear and do the clutch(es) for you more or less. If the manual says it's fine then it's probably fine to carry on doing it.