Exhaust issue


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Hello everyone,

I own a 2012 RS3, and since one week I have the exhaust valve stuck open.
Although many here on the forum lock it open on purpose I prefer to have the option to open it only when it is in sport mode.
I've already tried to change the solenoid but nothing. I tested the solenoid and actually opens and closes correctly.
If I bypass the solenoid and connect the two tubes the valve closes correctly, so I could exclude both the valve and the vacuum pump.
It seems that the signal does not arrive from the ecu, but testing the connector gives me 14volts, and if I click the Sport button it changes to 11volts,
but despite this, once I plug the connector the solenoid does not open.

I just can't understand where the problem comes from, plus with the obd scan it doesn't give any error.
Is there a fuse somewhere? the vacuum tube goes to the engine bay, but the cables?
Does anyone have an idea?



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Sounds like it's the solenoid from what you've said if I understand correctly, all the components seem to work correctly when tested except the solenoid.

The exhaust flap is controlled from the engine map though so sometimes it's actually open or shut depending what you're doing e.g rpm and engine load