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Hey peeps,

Need your wisdom on what products and how to approach doing my neglected exhaust ends..... help and guidance appreciated.




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100s of threads on this. Autosol with a MF cloth or 000 wool if very bad.

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Use some wheel cleaner along with some sort of wheel brush firstly then tar remover,this should break down a lot of soot,then use Aluminium autosol, not the one for stainless steel...too abrasive, dont use wire wool along with autosol as you'll scratch the chrome all too ****....you can get microfiber cones that attach to a cordless drill...this'll save a lot of elbow grease ....


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I have used Autosol on my S4 as well as A3 and most recently tried Bar Keepers Friend on the neglected A3 exhust tips and tbh I was blown away. They were not touch in over a year and since I detailed the car last year.

Bar Keepers was recommended by @A4A4, it didn't require to much of elbow grease at all however and as @jassyo06 mentioned above I did use BH Alloy cleaner on the exhaust tips while washing it just to breakdown the soot.


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Metal polish & a cheap £1.00 cone shaped toilet brush from Aldi or Liddle. Cut the handle in half & then clamp it in the chuck of an electric drill & a quick & easy way to clean the inside of the exhaust.