Extending drivers arm rest B8


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Right.Ive had enough now of this wretched elbow rest that should be an arm rest.I really need to extend the pull out rest so it becomes of use.Just my elbow rests on it and im ready to get the jigsaw out.Any one know of a way to extend it please? thanks


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Just put your seat back further! Works fine for me :whistle2:


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Im 6.2 and only recently moved my seat forward a bit and i too have found it annoying. I end up with my hand on the gear stick to rest it


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Its a **** poor design along with the stupid cup holders just beneath it.Thats why it wont extend enough.Its jigsaw time methinks


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lol, sockie sockie sockie, you crack me, gibbon lmfao.


I want your faulty electronics
I got no idea on the B8s but could you not use arm rest from A6/A8 of the same year?
Or are they 100% different?