Facelift steering wheel into prefl


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Hi guys,

I’ve managed to source a facelift steering wheel for an Audi RS3 (one from Europe without virtual cockpit as my prefacelift doesn’t have VC obviously). The buttons on the wheel look pretty much the same except there is now a back button on the new fl wheel, which I’m not sure will worth with my cluster, but everything else should.

Question is if I remove the old steering wheel, will the airbag and buttons all work just the same plug and play?

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I haven’t tried a steering wheel swap on an RS3 as I already have the 8V F.L but having swapped a mk5 Golf GTI non flappy paddle to a mk6 Golf R flat bottomed with paddles and a Audi A4 S-line flat bottomed with paddles and round airbag onto a Q7 with the old style wheel and trapezoid airbag then I would say it is possible, with the Golf I had to tick the option for DSG with flappy paddle on VCDS but that wasn’t difficult.

I looked up the part numbers and cross referenced the wiring looms, diagrams are all online. I took my old loom apart on my Q7 to wire the new loom into the car to keep everything wired through the plug including the loom for the different airbag plugs.

I don’t think you’ll have those problems with going from the pfl to the fl and it should be an easy swap without too much trouble and keep everything working as Audi intended.

Good luck