Fan heaters with a mind of their own?


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sorry for a pointless thread, and I have searched for answers, but..

My cars still pretty new (to me) and ive not quite figured it all out Im a bit of a dinosaur with technology,

(If anyone can explain how to not have ALL the radio stations and just the 4 I listen to I will literally hug you)

My heaters/fans, I'll turn them to say 6
And after 30 seconds or so they will be on 9,
Then I turn them down and they are back up again to 11

Hoping its a simple thing, and feel free to close thread if it is :dejection:

My cars a 2009 if it helps, thanks in advance


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Thats normal........if your temp is set,lets say 27.5,and you switch on the heaters,and put them on number 6,the reason they go to number 9 is,they are trying to get your desired set temp of 27.5 as quickly as posibble,thats it


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Thats in auto - I would have thought if you manually set the fan speed it should stay there. I just leave it in auto and set the temperature and it takes care of itself but would expect it to stay at the fan speed I select if I'm not in auto.


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as far as i auto it keeps temp same automatically,if manually set,it gets your desired temp then speed comes back down to where you first set it.