Fan motor


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hi guys just wondering if there is a how to on how to remove the heater fan behind the dash, mines seems to be getting noisy and would rather replace, i have watched a youtube vid how to remove the glovebox, but am wondering if the motor is at the driver side on uk cars same as usa spec or did they move it to the other side where our glovebox is passenger side.



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No practical experience myself, but Haynes says the "motor is behind the facia" and you "reach through the audio unit aperture and push the (climate) control panel from position". I guess this assumes you've removed the audio unit first of course :)

I'm afraid it also notes that the "motor cannot be renewed separately from the control panel" - although others with more practical experience may know differently. PM me your email and I'll scan the relevant section if that helps - -


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It's on the glovebox side. There's a guide on this forum somewhere.