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Scaned for fault codes after the car went into limp mode the other week for the second time and this it what came up:-

1 Fault Found:
000665 - Boost Pressure Regulation: Control Range Not Reached
P0299 - 006 - Short to Plus - Intermittent
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 00000001
Fault Priority: 5
Fault Frequency: 2
Reset counter: 16
Mileage: 0 km
Time Indication: 0
Freeze Frame:
RPM: 2208 /min
Torque: 288.0 Nm
Speed: 118.0 km/h
72.54 %
Voltage: 14.01 V
Pressure: 2193.9 mbar
Pressure: 1704.0 mbar
Readiness: N/A


Address 08: Auto HVAC Labels: 8E0-820-043.lbl
Part No: 8E0 820 043 BM
Component: A4 Klimaautomat 3233
Coding: 00000
Shop #: WSC 00000
VCID: 6DD45DC10D01
1 Fault Found:
00716 - Air recirculation Flap Positioning Motor (V113)
41-00 - Blocked or No Voltage


Address 16: Steering wheel Labels: 8E0-953-549.lbl
Part No: 8E0 953 549 Q
Component: Lenksáulenmodul 0701
Coding: 04012
Shop #: WSC 06335
VCID: 418CD1716119
1 Fault Found:
02071 - Local Databus
37-10 - Faulty - Intermittent

Cleared the codes but the air recirculation just returned after a short play with the control's

I've had a look around some forums and found away to reset the HVAC by going into the basic settings and changing to 001
Now the fault code has changed to:-


00735 - Potentiometer in positioning motor for air recirculation flap (G143)
09-00 - adaption limit surpassed

If anyone has any info on any of these faults ie: are they common, how to fix, what part and cost etc, please post and let me know
Many Thanks

PS. And where to get cheap parts in the uk from?


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Check any boost sensors on the intake side of course & the hvac issues, try testing each feature on the climate & make sure its running when reading it, usually these faults fix themselves & arent an issue


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Thanks for you reply
Can i test the intake sensors with vcds? and what am i looking for
in regards to the HVAC, when resetting via the basic settings, there is numbers 12345 and 6. I noticed that numbers 5 and 6 didnt move at all during the test. I think this means a flap or flaps ??? isnt moving at all (can someone confirm this?). 123 and 4 have good movement from about 26 to 220, does that sound normal?


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Have you checked in measuring blocks to see if it shows your flaps/sensors names & readings?