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Eren S3

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I purchased footwell lighting and puddle lights/door open pack for my S3 from Robin and I was really impressed by the quality of the kits. Everything plugged in nicely and is definitely OEM quality if not better.

The instructions are very clear and the aftersales care is great too. I had a few questions I needed answering after I got the kits and Robin was straight on the replies with answers to everything I needed!

Highly recommend these kits to anyone looking to add these to their cars. I will be looking to add footwell lights to another vehicle soon!


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footwells, puddles and warning lights purchased. The quality of the looms are OEM and perform as OEM. Robin has excellent customer service and support. I wouldn't purchase the above from any other seller. 5 stars


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I bought the AliExpress kit and shortly after fitting I replaced it with Robin’s kit. The Ali kit was ok but the wire quality wasn’t that good and the led’s were poor.

Although I paid more for Robin’s kit it was well worth it - the wire quality, connector plugs and LEDs were great quality - OEM perfect, as was the service from Robin.

I’d recommend Robins kit - more ££ upfront but well worth it.