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Firstly I would like to Thank Swansway Garage Group for Having the members of audi-sport.net at your dealership today for an exclusive event. Special Thanks go to Emma Goodall and the Marketing Staff for all the help organising this. Would like to Thank the head of Business at Stoke Audi, and all the staff involved for giving you all such a fantastic day.

Could you all please leave some feedback and pictures here and also could you take a few minutes to leave a review of the dealership in our garage review area in the link below. Please remember to use the stars that indicate how well you were accepted and how your experience was at the dealership.

Many Thanks.

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Superb event, Sandra, thank you. And thank you Stoke Audi and the Swansway Garage Group.

It was good; very open and very friendly; free to roam and drive whatever; choose own route, even. I already had mine planned with the A500 and A519 providing everything I needed to explore vehicle characteristics. Having an ex-policeman riding shotgun (in the back of an SQ5 and then an RS5) might have put 'some' off but no worries, both (David and Jeff) were well behaved.

I only wanted to play with the 2018 petrol RSQ5 and was very impressed; ran the RS5 over the same route just to appease. Finally dri=ove back home with our RS3 just to evaluate ALL 3-cars; for sure the RSq5 is impressive. Measuring the garage now!

An RSQ5 is 4" longer and 4" wider than an RS3... :sadlike:

Excellent service department staff, no worries, well worth the visit if only to discuss Audi 'silly/easily rectified/but Audi GmbH head-in-sand ignored' issues. Note: I was even given several sets of 3M self-adhesive anti-brake-squeal shims and told "they work" (I know) but "we can't fit 'em."

Good news is that Stoke Audi 'service' staff thought it good enough to want to do it again and on a regular basis, so maybe a regular meet is forthcoming... :racer:

PS: RS3copilot says "jojo gives a good hug!" Not to me he didn't... :friends:


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Huge thank you to Stoke AUDI you really pulled out all the stops for us. As soon as we got there we felt welcomed and were taken straight in to choose a car to drive, I went for the new RS4 which was incredible, i have to say the thing completely flies and felt so planted to the road.

Next up was the ultimate Audi super car the R8 V10 plus, wow it took my breath away an amazing car true dream car, the sound as we went through a tunnel was like an F1 car and put a huge grin on my face, absolutely loved that car.

Finally the RS5 again ballistic and held the road like it was on rails.

Again a huge he thank you to all the staff at Stoke you were all so helpful and took time out of your day to show us round and take us out in these amazing machines.

Also a big thank you to Sandra for sorting the event out again.



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Thank you, Sandra for your effort in arranging the Stoke Audi Event. Everyone at Stoke Audi was friendly and took the time to chat with us, and it was a very relaxed atmosphere, a good day. Congratulations to all the staff at Stoke who took part yesterday.


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What a fantastic day out!

First of all, I’d like to thank Stoke Audi, for giving us, the members, the opportunity to drive the selection of high performance Audi’s available, which are not just your average daily's, these are the top of the range, fire breathing S/R/RS models, and we are very privileged to be given access and trust to use these vehicles out on the open road.

As the fellow ASN Moderator rep in attendance, I turned up a little earlier in the hope of introducing myself to everyone before we got started, but we went straight to being asked which car I'd like to test? No problem, I was handed the RS4 to try out, what an amazing machine! Probably the most complete car anyone ever needs? As the roads was slightly damp, the R8 wasn't available for us to drive for safety reasons... but hey, it cleared up later, and a handful of us did manage to get the 'supercar' experience with the roof down in the R8 V10 Roadster! Words can't explain the feelings of driving such a machine, the sound and performance is of another level that teases your senses!, put simply, I want one!! Just need to win the Lotto now! haha My third test was in the RS5, it's like the sporty version of the RS4, slightly more agile, a bit firmer on the ride, and to a certain extend, slightly better looking with it's coupe curves, but I'd still plump for the RS4 Avant personally, being a family man. :)

A final thanks to the wonderful staff at Stoke Audi, who looked after us, giving us moderate freedom of the workshop area, which made for a chilled out experience for the members.

PS: RS3copilot says "jojo gives a good hug!" Not to me he didn't... :friends:

Lewis Hamilton fans hug! Lol :D


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