Filled our 1.4 (90bhp) TDi Sport with PETROL!!!


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So late Friday night we stop our AUDI A2 1.4 (90) TDi Sport at our local Shell station to top up the 1/3 full diesel-fuel tank and I managed to complete the task, to the brim, from the petrol nozzle.

Unknown we set off home where after some 2-miles the engine just stops; no amount of cranking would re-start the engine so parks up, hazard lights on. One sniff of the fuel filler confirmed what I'd done so we just had to wait for a tow-home from Britannia Rescue. :sadlike:

First thing this morning (0ºC ambient) I telephone the Fuel Doctor and within the hour they've arrived and siphon drained the fuel tank and added £20 of fresh diesel and a bottle of concentrated fuel additive all for the princely sum of £185.

To my absolute amazement the engine starts immediately at the first turn of the key and just kept on running as if my misdemeanour hadn't taken place.

I'm told this is one of the most common errors diesel car motorists make especially when they've petrol cars in their ownership; for my sins it was clearly my error but thanks to Britannia Rescue and the Fuel Doctor it seems my mistake has little or no fatal consequence.

A brilliant motor car is the AUDI A2 1.4 (90) TDi Sport :racer:


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I did something similar with my 1.9 TDI PD Passat . I filled it when it was virtually empty with Petrol, around 54 Litres :sob::sob:
Strangely I only managed less than 1/2 a mile before it broke down with plumes of white smoke out the back.
Straight away I knew what I had done, looking at the reciept confirmed it 54L of Shells finest unleaded. I even remembered looking at the pump and thinking the diesel is cheap here.
Fortunately only about 9 miles from home.
Rang the AA :sos: and they wanted to send out there man to drain the tank and dispose of the fuel,I think it was around £210 :sorrow:.
I told them I would do all that myself and I wanted the car recovered back home. After having a discussion with them about me not having a licence to dispose of fuel, I told them the fuel would be going into other cars. it was around 95% petrol and 5% diesel.
When the car was recovered I disconnected the pipe from the tank to the filter in the engine compartment and used a piece of pipe into a 20L jerry can . I then used VCDS to run the in tank pump to drain the tank.
After filling the 20L Jerry can I transferred that fuel to next doors car who was quite happy.
One of the wifes friends then popped around and she gained 15L in her tank.
The rest filled the Jerry can and I use it in our generator when we go camping.I used a vacuum pump to suck as much fuel as possible from the head / filter and put 5L of diesel in the tank.Took just over an hour to get it going after the AA dropped me back.
Took about 30 seconds of cranking to start and like yours John ran with no issues.
You can get away with it in the PD engines with no issues. I wouldn't want to do it in my common rail Audi, it's likely that it may do some damage.



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Sooooo happy it's not just me, Karl.

OK, with the pressures we have here at the moment I can excuse myself, maybe, but good to know a company like Fuel Doctor is at hand to help and so I hope my experience is a comfort to others...