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James TQ

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Favourite tv shows and films that are on at the moment?

Ill start off by saying lawless is a good film, I am also loving the walking dead ad top gear of course!

whats yours?


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Don't know what films are on at the moment, but TV I like is The Good Wife, Top Gear, The Following.


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I like the Walking Dead but never seem to catch the beginning of a new series.

Not much good on TV atm, I enjoy Documentaries / Science …Bang goes the theory / Horizon.

Fifth Gear / Top Gear

Celebrity Juice
Sport .. F1 / MotoGP / Ski Sunday

Film Django Unchained


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White collar and suits on tv.


Tv series:
Suits is my fav at the moment
Person of interest is, average.
Game of Thrones il be borrowing off my brother soon.

film wise i've not been blown away much recently:
django: awesome
cloud atlas: ok
i give it a year: funny
tempted by Welcome to the punch and Oblivion

Im preparing daily for the release of Man of Steel :superman:
I have no doubt it will be the best day of my life and i cannot wait


Breaking Bad!


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Here are mine:
Best films at the moment: End of Watch, Django Unchained, Argo, Zero Dark Thirty.
Best TV Shows: Wheeler Dealers, Top Gear (& Top Gear USA), The Walking Dead, Bluestone 42


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TV - Modern Family (It is genius), Dexter, Breaking Bad

Movies - Bourne Trilogy, Taken, Varsity Blues, American Pie 1 and 2 and the reunion.

Ultra Violent

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Loving TV:The Walking Dead, The Following, Wheeler Dealers.

Loving Movies: Django Unchained, Dark Knight, End of Watch

looking forward to Hansel & Gretel, Star Trek, Hangover III, Iron Man III, End of Earth.