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I am about to order my new car, and was going to pay cash for it. I have spoken to the salesman, and he told me that they are offering a £1000 centre contribution, if I was to buy the car on finance?

I have the money to buy the car outright, so he said that it may be worth my while if I take the finance out, take advantage of the £1000 centre contribution and pay the car off in full straight after.

Im guessing that there will be an early settlement fee? Can anyone tell me any details?

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I imagine there will be charges all over the place, admin, early settlement and possibly interest loss charges, cant seeing it all adding up to £1k, but if your paying CASH maybe they can come up with a better price for you!


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Plus he gets commission on selling you finance so that's why he's pushing it. As said haggle on the price for a cash sale!


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When I bought my S3 recently, I took the Audi finance for convenience and for a quick turnaround, however there is an opt out clause that allows you too come out of the agreement within a certain time limit. I used that and only had to pay the interest up to when I advised them of my intentions. I can check the details if needed


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Opt out is 14 days if memory serves me right!

Do finance, get the contribution, get the car, go for a burn, call VW finance and pay in full.

Think an admin charge is about £50.