First few mods, Single grill look Audi A3 2.0FSi


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Hi all,

First real post apart from saying hello, just thought id share my first few mods with you and to see what peoples opinions are on them..
Was planning on face-lifting it to a single grill s-line bumper and MY11 Rear lights but due to my motocross hobbie going well and buying a new bike I don't have the funds just yet to complete them.
So these mods are temporary, but I am more than happy with how they have turned out!
First off was a good clean (Two Bucket Method) and polish using Auto Glym super resin polish
I am aware of how pants the pepper pot wheels look, and I have a set of black edition wheels and 40mm Rokkor Springs awaiting me that I bought for a steal!!
Next off was to darken the rear lights, Didn't want to go too dark and in my opinion they are just right

Then onto the front end! With really wanting the single grill but not being able to afford it I thought Id have to do something to give it that look, so off I went and bought some plasti-dip (can pick it up for just under £20 a can off ebay) this stuff is really easy to apply and gives a good finish.
How she looked before
And how she looks now!! For what it cost me I thing the change is a big improvement and I still have a LCR splitter to fit yet (pictures will follow when its done)..

Feel free to comment good or bad..


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Looks good mate! How did you get on with the plasti dip when you did the single grill look?

I'm looking to do mine but dont want to mess anything up! Did you remove the bumper or just spray it straight on.