First RS3 8Y to be PPFd Detailed & Ceramic Coated


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It’s a car….. what next, PPF on to protect the PPF lol.

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yup could be and very good point but for sure i care less about scratches now :)


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LOL, this is such a laughable forum, you lot think you know it all. It's fine, the dealer is fitting the removeable tow bar on delivery. They've already done an RS3 8Y for one customer. Insurance, that's sorted too.
I never claimed to 'know it all', but I'm sure that you'd agree if a car wasn't designed for towing and something happened whilst performing said action, that they would be more than happy to void your insurance so they didn't have to pay out.

People are allowed to have opinions on here, and that's exactly what my comment was. Information has been supplied to say that there's a factory fit option (despite not being available or showing when building a car on the configurator, which is what I based my opinion on), so in reality you should be fine, as you've since said.

Maybe take a chill pill, you seem to be too stressed out about something.