First service, great value


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Yup you read that right :)

9k miles on the clock so first oil change at Audi main dealer...Horsham
Sump plug £1.41
Filter £10.33
Oil £30.37
Cleaner £3.08
Labour £33.00

Total 78.09 +vat.

Really cant grumble at that. Last service on the 3.2 at Guildford they charged me £98 for the oil alone..
Why does anyone go to Guildford ????


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Holy cow, thats unheard of from audi mate, you sure you didnt miss a digit lol


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That is unbelievable for any main dealer let alone Audi :)


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£78 for an oil change? Wow thats cheap from Audi!
how much do they charge for a full service??


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Gotta be a mistake on their end Paddy!!!! Unbelievable price I must say.... and bound to come out of a member of staff's salary at the end of the month!

I doubt anyone will get that price again - Audi's service prices fluctuate quite a lot for the same service and depending on who you speak to at the same dealership! I had prices between 178 to 225 from the same dealership and they said they would deduct the price of the oil as I took my own along so service price should've been circa 100 pounds. At time to pay they still charged me 182 quid even though they said they'd factored in the cost of bring my own oil....

I complained to Audi Customer Services, dealership service manager called me back apologised and gave me a full refund!


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No mistake, i phoned for a quote first and didnt book then turned up a few days later and booked as i was passing and got the same price from a different bloke., i did question the price today to make sure they actually did the work...and they said they knocked £20 off as i bought the car from them. still would have been under £100 even so. I told them Guildford wanted £100 for a gallon of oil and they just laughed. I am not using long life oil so that makes it a bit cheaper. Any one who runs a turbo performance car for 2 years on long life oil is asking for trouble.