Free tyres for you A3 boys at halfords autocentre


Defo worth the wait :)
Just done this for the wifes car,its an astra but they are the same size tyre...lets see how it goes!!!!

Cheers Chris.


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we will soon hear from them I'm guessing a phone call or email of a "Dear sir we are sorry but due to a computer error we are unable to process your order" lol


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I can't see them honouring it.
Be great if they did. I get my winter wheels sorted out and the wife gets new tyres.

Someone on the internet world phoned Halfords head office about it and they said they won't honour it.


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I was booked in at 9am today for 5 16" tyres.

Had a call from them advising that there was a computer glitch and they will not be honouring the price and everyone who has ordered any should receive an email from head office shortly to explain.


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Yep mines been cancelled saying they can't honour it.

I suppose nothing in this world is free not even a slap.


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Dear Customer,

Booking cancellation – Bridgestone tyres with £0.00 order value

We would like to apologise for the error on our website over this weekend and early today which incorrectly showed the price of some Bridgestone Turanza ER300 tyres as £0.00. This was a genuine website error and unfortunately we cannot honour any bookings made for these tyres. Due to the number of bookings we have received, it may not be possible for your centre to contact you personally to cancel your booking, so please accept this email as cancellation of your booking.

We do not sell tyres at £0.00 value at any time and Bridgestone tyres advise us that the ER300 pattern tyre was superseded some time ago and therefore these aren’t a pattern available in current range.

Please accept our sincere apologies for this error, however if you should wish to book an alternative tyre type we would be pleased to receive your order and please visit Tyres | Save Up To 30% On Branded Tyres Online - Halfords Autocentre.

If you have any further queries or questions please feel free to send an email via the Contact Us link on our website.

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Defo worth the wait :)
I got the same mail too Chris..

Thanks anyway, that would have been the wifes car sorted for a while.