Front suspension control arm kits for A4 Avant


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Hello everyone.

Just wondering if anyone had any experience with Febi Bilstein front suspension control arms? Seen a few posts on this forum, most of which were a few years old, so thought it might be worth revisiting this subject for those how might be in same position as me.

Was was looking to order these which come with 2 yr warranty;

The preferred option is Lemforder 31913, but they are too expensive!

Any other recommendations for control arms that will last would be much appreciated.



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I’ve just ordered and received the Meyle HD kit, it looks absolute quality - comes with a 4 year warranty.

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I've tried them, no probs at all. :icon thumright:


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I've tried them, no probs at all. :icon thumright:
Hi. Do you remember how long ago you had the Febi kit fitted?

Was it similar to the photo?


Not sure if they are made in Germany , there is a label on the box with German address

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Meyle HD is heavy duty, and its quality, 4 year warranty, etc. Lemforder is probably OE specisification, but agree, expensive. Febi Bilstein is good too. I ordered a top mount for my wife's BMW i3 and was impressed. That's the only three manufacturers I'd consider. You could try Audi themselves, depending on the age of the car they give up to 20% discount, well they do for me and I'm a regular.


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I went for the meyle kit at the start of the year. Middle of the road in terms of cost and quality and I've been happy so far. Came complete with fixings too