Fuel Sender Replacement Problems


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Hi guys I've just replaced my fuel sendors on my a6 3.0 tdi 2007 Quattro. The gauge works now and the car ran fine all of yerterday. But this morning it took 4 try's to start, drove for about 30 minutes then the car shutdown. Breakdown guy put some fuel in jumped it a few times and it ran for about 10 minutes then stopped

I have had the car towed home now, opened the tank up and looked around . But it won't start . Any ideas?Error shows p1063 fuel pressure regulator below limit


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EOBD II Error Code: P1063

Fault Location:
Fuel Pressure - Control Range Not Reached

Possible Cause:
Air in fuel system.
Fuel system leak.
Fuel lift pump.
Fuel bypass valve.
Fuel pressure control valve.
High pressure fuel pump.

Above is just EOBD DTC info, if you are able to get a VCDS scan you should get more of a manufacturer specific DTC as fuel pressure can be regulated by 2 elements plus the issue could be somewhere else.

Google for SSP351 The common rail fuel injection system fitted in the 3.0l V6 TDI engine


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I had the car looked at by my mechanic. He said there is a pipe that loops from one sensor and back to the pump which was loose, but he said this may not have been the problem as i had a quick look at it and found it loose but i may have loosened it then . Also he showed me that the bottom of the pump which looks abit like a filter had detached and there where some other plastic bits he found in the tank. Anyway the car run fine for two weeks and after driving a speed bump route it broke down again.
The break down guy confirmed again that no fuel was reaching the fuel filter.
So the car is back for repair :-(