Fun drive.


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A little long, but hopefully worth the read

Some of the guys at work went out for a run in our cars on Tuesday night since it was a lovely dry day. Fun, fun, fun.

Roads were slower than the Scottish meet roads, mostly 3rd gear and a few 2nd gear corners. For those who know the area we went over Fintry to Kippen, up to Callander and then onto Aberfoyle via the Dukes Pass. Lovely dry, warmish roads from the days sun.

Amazingly I managed to get rear helping out quite a bit more than I expected. Especially when I booted it in 2nd in a 90 degree bend while adding a little more lock. Actually had to apply a little opposite lock. It almost caught me out, didn't expect that! Once on the dukes pass it was possible to steer it a little on the throttle and really use the back to push it out of bends. The brakes wouldn't have taken much more though, but overall I was very impressed with the result on the tight twisting road. Must get a Scottish meet in that area.

The ESP stayed quiet on the whole run. At least I never noticed the light or any intervention, aside from pulling out of a couple of junctions. If it came on during cornering, I couldn't feel it.


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It's moments like that that make owning a nice car worthwhile! Sounds like fun /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif What are the coppers like over there in Scotland? Over in Aus, they're all pretty anal!

-- james


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Hi James. Cops vary... a lot. From those that get you done by claiming you weren't wearing a seatbelt (honest, happened to a mate) to those who understand your problems when you stop to talk to them about tail-gaters (which I did).

On those roads though it's very rare to come across the cops and there's very few, if any, speed cameras on the kinds of roads we use. Out the way, light traffic and with some luck not causing anyone grief.

Was fun /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif