Garage refusing to repair car


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As you might now I recently got a new car

It is now back at the main dealer I purchased it from as it was smoking a bit on start up

They are looking towards it been the turbo but they do not want to replace it !
The car car with a 6 month warranty and I’ve not had the car two weeks yet

There is finance on the car if that will help me get it sorted


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Talk to the manager? How many miles has it done since you bought it?

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Sorry to say this most warranty wont cover the turbo so good luck unless you can sweet talk the manager that sold u the car

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Car has done 200 miles since I took delivery of it
Reading the warranty book they do cover turbos

The car is not fit for purpose under the sales of goods act so they have to rectify it.

The plus point is they trade on been the number dealer of a brand in the uk when it comes to customer satisfaction !
I didn’t buy that brand but it was from the garage as a used car !

Facebook and Twitter might get a few messages


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Sale of goods act gives you 30 days to exchange if not happy I believe .
I would go straight to the big boss and give him it in writing , he has 2 days to agree to fix whatever it is that is wrong as they are not wanting to repair the car, and while you are at it state you would like an extended warranty or you want reject the car oh and a courtesy car while yours is in dry dock.


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Well I’ve spoken with a “director” today everyone in the business seems to have that after there title

They have had a local specialist do some tests on it today and he can’t decide what is wrong with it

Upshot is, I have it in writing that I am getting the car back with a full years warranty on it , and that I can book it in at a garage if my choice locally to be looked at and they will cover the diag costs then discuss the repair costs from there


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Money back I'd say..
As soon as you get more 3rd parties (ie. I dependants) involved, you'll struggle.
They'll blame each other until you're worn down.

Edit - it's the 3rd party thing. Not the actual indies.


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The we would discuss repair costs after inspection that would worry me.
Ok its your car but there should not be any potential faults ongoing but if you are happy then go with it but I would check first with a solicitor that the letter you have is legal and above board and not just a con to get you to keep the car .Sometimes letters like that are not worth the paper they are written on .
Did you get a written report from the specialist the garage used ? If not , can they prove they did get someone special to look at it ?or if you know who they used nip in and ask them but do not inform the dealer that's what you intend to do.
I would be very wary of anything they say .


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The Sale of Goods act has been replaces by the Consumer Rights act 2015.

If the fault appears within the first six months than the presumption is that it was present at the time of purchase and needs to be rectified as their cost.