Gave my A3 a going over today.

Steve D

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I took my new to me A3 up to my workshop today for a going over. I fitted the dash cam from our old car and hard wired that in. Its last service was in November and was carried out by an Audi dealer. I think it was just an oil change though. 34,000 miles on the clock now but the air and pollen filters were well dirty so they were replaced today. I checked the plugs, they looked fine and I was going to change them too but at £46 for a set, I think I’ll leave them until the next service. Likewise the rear pads. Looking a bit thin but I’ll leave them as I will be replacing the discs too so it doesn’t matter if they wear down to metal! The last service report recommended a brake fluid change at £70 which my brother in law refused so I tested it and yes, the moisture content was high so I changed it. He also refused an air conditioning service at £150 and I don’t blame him. I replaced the pollen filter anyway and I may get one of those bombs to give it a clean out if I can be bothered. I had a little peek at the cam belt, expecting it to be a nice thick chunky one like on my Diesel Golf or our recently departed Evoque and saw what appears to be a belt similar in size and thickness to one on my wife’s sewing machine! Doesn’t look particularly hard to change so I may do that on the next service too. Gave it a good clean and a wax and that’s it for now.

Singer sewing machine belt. :tearsofjoy:


I was well impressed with the satnav/phone/radio especially when I found how to control them with voice commands. :thumbs up: