Gearbox mount query B6 and B7 difference


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So my 2003 six speed gearbox was noisy despite having a receipt in the history for a gearbox rebuild. I decided to change it and bought one from a 2006 B7 2.0 tfsi knowing that therwe weren't many differences between the B6 and B7. Physically the B7 box is larger and slightly longer hence the difference in the mount, the B6 is wider and shorter, it's not as deep either.
Has anyone dealt with this before? The gearbox physically fits and works fine reverse took me by surprise though. My five speed quattro was
1 3 5
2 4 R
The six speed in the B6 FWD was
R 1 3 5
2 4 6
The six speed in the B7 FWD was
1 3 5
R 2 4 6

Any help greatly appreciated.

ps I only had the B7 gearbox mount but not the rubber bushing, it might be as simple as getting that part?


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Issue resolved, I got a b7 shifter linkage and it works perfectly now.
The B6 shifter throws from the bottom and the B7 throws from the top hence the wrong shift pattern.
Gearbox removed was 01A the replacement was 01X no issues with the crossmember/subframe now, I used the 01X gearbox cradle mount which required one hole drilled in it for the gearbox mount bolt.

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