Gearbox oil change advice


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Hi guys I have a 2004 a4 190 it's done 77k miles
1st and 2nd gear seems a bit notchy I had a wee look using the search bit of the forum and seems that there has been a few people that have had the same issues

Would it be a good idea to get the gearbox oil changed and what oil should I use to do this

Thanks for any advice given


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I like to change gear oil every 50k miles on cars.

Just had it done on mine, but it's only done 50k on the clock.

Mike B

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Recently changed the oil on wifes Bora which was getting sticky in 4th and 5th and added some Molyslip which helped but you wont cure any wear without overhaul.Bora has 170k and I doubt if its been changed before.

scott b

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its a bit fiderly getting the oil back into the box as access is limited. be a ball ache to do on axle stands. luckerly i have a workshop to use


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It will be the garage that's doing the oil change Paul not me

But I will have to put a picture of the car up


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Redline MT 90 is what I always recommend. Absolutely transformed the gearbox on my old Corrado VR6 which use to crunch and crash in 2nd. I will be doing mine soon because 2nd to 3rd gear feels a bit notchy when cold.