Gearbox warning + key stuck (P189000, U010E00, 03951, 01334 + more)


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Posting this for my dad who hos an issue with his newly purchased A4 allroad.
Upon testdriving the car in May the gearbox light came on when driving, after a few minutes also the CEL.
After the car was parked a while, the fault indicators were all gone.
The car was purchased but if problems continued the dealer would fix it (located in south Sweden).
(The May log is me reading the codes the day after he came home with the car)

Now in July the same thing happened, gearbox light on and after a while CEL (no LIMP though).
When parking the car the key now was unable to get loose.
After been sittning a few minutes the key was able to get loose.
Back at the car a while later it started and no gearbox light but CEL.
The day after, the CEL was also gone.
(The July log is after this indcident)

What could be going on? I’ve seen that some people talk about possibly bad ground on gearbox?
He had the car at the VAG workshop here i northern Sweden (after July indicdent) but they couldn’t find any direct fault, which I find strange since there are several codes that I read from my OBDeleven..? They said that they had checked the ground(?) on gearbox but couldn't find any apparent fault. They said to get back when the indicators were 'on' again - I'm not sure what that would help with but..

I attach the log from May and July, and below an overview of the codes in a table for comparison.

Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 13.03.36.png

Between these incidents the car has been working normally.

Thanks in advance for any insight!


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Check ground points for any corrosion.

The key sockets do suffer too, but dont condemn as yet.


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Thanks for reply NHN.
"Check ground points for any corrosion."
- All ground points or anyone in particular - and where are they located?

"The key sockets do suffer too, but dont condemn as yet."
- Yeah, you mean where the key is inserted right(?), remember reading that this could also be the case.