Genuine Audi LED Entry Puddle Lights 4G0052133G "Quattro" or "Four Rings" SPECIAL OFFER!!!

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Genuine Audi LED Entry Puddle Lights 4G0052133G "Quattro" or "Four Rings"

The entry LED is a further development of the standard entry lights, characterised in particular by the logo projection and increased brightness.
Colour: Projection colour white
Contents: One entry light on left, one entry light on right

If you are unsure these are applicable for your car please contact us with your REG and we will check!

Available in either "Quattro" or "Four Rings" style

**Please specify which at time of purchase and your REG/Chassis**



RRP £107.47 SPECIAL OFFER PRICE £60.00 Per Pair!!!


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Hi is this offer ongoing? Is there an option to choose different logos and is there any discount for buying four?
Thank you.


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Please drop me a pm.


Hi, I don’t have the pm function. I have rung your establishment and passed my phone number to your colleague requesting a call back. I haven’t received any contact. I tried calling your place again today with no answer. If you can locate my contact details please call me. Thank you.
Just to add to this thread, hopefully may help others. I messaged CreweAudi to see if these will fit my D3 S8 and unfortunately they said no. However, I checked to see if the sizes are similar and they are but the connectors are different. So, I bought a pair of these and checked out Rocketwires who did not list my car although they are probably the same as other models (A3 A4 etc). I decided to source some original connectors and made up my own. The are a tight squeeze due to having more depth but fit in. I first saw these on a brand new A6 and was impressed. I'm glad I went for original parts and no knock offs.