German RS3 meeting


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wow....... cheers for posting, awesome meet, let's try better it on the 14th:friends:


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Confirms what i thought, body coloured mirrors look so much better.

Will have to get on this!


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them green flavours look tasty!
never seen an rs3 in them colours before!
must be a german delicacy!
them blue rims do look pants though!


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Indeed they do. Get the Black paint out,wheels as well.

You know it makes sense!

At the mo i have gloss black wrapped (not by me) mirrors and i think personally that white would be better. Also i have never been a fan of black wheels, you loose all the detail of your fancy wheeks when their black. Even now i still love shiney mirror finish wheels ala a set of sexy wolfrace of old. i do realise these may be old hat, but lighter coloured wheels will always be better than black in my book.


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I agree about black wheels and losing detail. Also, it looks awful when your wheels are darker than your grey dirty tyres.

However, while I've never been a fan of the rotor wheels with colour coded bits, they look sublime when rolling and produce a nice little red ring around the wheel. And that green rs3 is so damn sexy.


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ahh poor S3...trying to blend in bless!