Going on holiday: what to do before you hit the road.


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Going on holiday: what to do before you hit the road.

Just before you set off, there are certain things that you should make sure you don’t forget. (and no, we aren’t talking about the dog ;) )! It’s that time of year when motorists tend to do the most travelling: on average 1000 km.
The tyres you have fitted to your car play a vital role in your safety: they are your only points of contact with the road. They also influence fuel consumption and your car’s CO2 emmissions.


Here are some themed tips:

Tyre wear:

Setting off for a holiday is an ideal time to check your tyres for wear. To do this, place your hand along the surface and feel around for abnormal wear, deformaties or cuts. The tread should not reach the wear indicator.


>> Think about switching your tyres around in order for them to wear more evenly, making them last longer.
>> Get them checked !

Tyre pressure

According to a study carried out by Bridgestone in May 2013, eight out of ten drivers travel with under-inflated tyres. This is a cause for concern, taking into consideration that travelling with under-inflated tyres at high speed (on a motorway, for example)
can cause them to explode.


>> An under-inflated tyre can provoke an early onset of wear and an increase in fuel consumption.

>> It is recommended to add 0.2 to 0.3 bars of pressure to avoid crushing the tyre.

Spare wheel

Although the tyres are not destined to puncture, it is essential to always have a spare wheel and the right tools to be able to fit it if necessary.

>> You can use a tyre sealant replacement. In this case, make sure it has not exceeded its expiration date!

>> Your anti puncture insurance should be slipped into the papers of your vehicle with the number to call in case of emergency. Either you got this insurance when buying your tyres, or it is included in your car insurance.

Levels, opticals, wipers
After checking the tyres, it’s time to have a look at other aspects of the vehicle:

>> Levels.
The liquids should be checked to make sure everything runs normally:

- Brake oil
- Coolant
- Brake fluid
- Power steering
- Washer fluid

>> Opticals: mirrors, headlights and turn signals must be clean

>> Wipers : ensure they are in good condition. Also check if the windshield has no cracks as it could weaken the glass and compromise your visibility (and then

Caravans and trailers

If you tow a trailer or caravan, a burst tyre is the last thing you need. To avoid inconvenience, here are some recommendations:

>> Respect the maximum load and speed indexes (specified by the manufacturer)

>> Using run-flat tyres is recommended if you are asked to drive a long time at the load capacity limit.

>> Check tyre pressure.

Careful ! Caravan tyres should not be used for more than 5 consecutive seasons!

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Enjoy your holiday !