Good Hand Car washes - Glasgow Area ?

I'm sure ScottyG recently posted names of a couple of decent hand car washes in Glasgow area but haven't managed to track that post down.

I wash my S3 myself and it will get an annual trip to Incredible Detail. However I need somewhere reliable to take my wife's Discovery for a regular wash without any swirls being inflicted, as I just don't have time to do it properly - snow foam, rinse, 2 BM wash, drying towels etc. takes at least a couple of hours.

If ScottyG is looking in perhaps he could re-post the details or if any other west of Sco owners are out there who know of a decent place to go, I'd be grateful.


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@sixlargebeers what part of Glasgow do you live. I'm out in Motherwell but I know a few decent ones.
I use one in Mossend. Have done for years. They are just in behind Autoparts, left just before Aldi.
There's also one just up and left from VW in Rutherglen. It's on the road out to the M74. Used them when I had my Scirocco and used the VW for servicing.
Never had a problem with either.
I had a Disco a few years back. And yes they are a pain to wash, and time consuming.
Hope that helps. Don't know any West of Glasgow except the one at Dobbies Garden Centre at Braehead. Never used them but they looked professional enough when I've been in there.
Thanks Scotty - that's a big help. I'm on the south side but happy to go anywhere within reason if the wash is good ! Rutherglen is obviously the closer of the two you mention. I'll let you know how it goes.