Got mine fitted and really happy with the install


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Going back a few months I had one of these OBD portectors fitted to my A3 taking advantage of the forum 20% discount.

I would just like to say that I am really happy with the service that was offered. Their kit is essentially BULLETPROOF and I'm in full confidence that no one is going to come along and take my car without the key.

Its easy to use and would recommend it to anyone who is having thoughts about getting one fitted to their pride and joy.

David from OBD portector went entirely out of his way on one occasion when I got myself in a huge pickle when realising that I'd travelled 150 miles to get work done on my car to realise the garage couldnt access my OBD! (in all honestly I completely forgot I had it installed). I left my swipe card at home which allows you to unlock the OBD but David spent half the day trying to get me out of the issue. Just shows how secure the system really is in my opinion.

Worth every penny!


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...I had one fitted a few weeks ago...smashing piece of kit...peace of mind, that costs less than £300, is a good thing...everyone should have one fitted...