Got this message on DIS when i start and stop the engine


The message below has started coming up on the DIS on my dashboard,it comes on when i start the car and when i stop it(remove key) i have never had it on before until i started the car this afternoon.I have had the "service due indicator" on the DIS in the past when the car was due its service a few weeks back.Does anyone else get this on the DIS when firing up the car?

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Err yea, when it wants a service


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Check your car system menus to see if can be disabled.


Yeah thats correct.But it should only show on the DIS when its down to 50 miles or so,it shows on the MMI when you search for it but it should not should on the DIS when the car is stopped and started.


Yeah scrolled through them yesterday and cannot see an option to dissable it,it is just strange it started showing this yesterday and nothing before that i will contatct the dealer today

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I have this too. It didnt do it from new but was told that it takes a while for it to first come up. Probably like the "Might release, might not" auto handbrake.


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Never had a problem with this or the handbrake although it was funny watching my other half trying to pull away without her seat belt on.