Ground location - Glovebox?


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Hey guys,

I'm retrofitting carplay into my A6 and I need to locate a ground somewhere behind the glovebox. Does anyone happen to know where one might be located in that area?



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Working from memory I think one of the fuse holder bolts will work? If you have a multimeter then do a continuity test with the 12v in the centre console. They might be one behind the centre console if you have to remove it install the unit?

Otherwise remove the panel under the steering wheel and there is a bolt there, I use it for the dash cam.

What unit are you fitting out of curiousity?

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I think I've found a bolt screw to the chassis directly behind the glovebox, will test it once I get my hands on a multimeter as that'll make the job nice and easy being all near the unit.

I'm fitting this Carplay unit into the Audi. I've had Carplay in my last motor and loved it, and this unit keeps it looking stock by just overlaying the screen once the phone's connected! The link's below for anyone interested.



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There should be one behind the glove box

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