Guidance/help needed: S4 B6 cab, CMM woes (with VCDS codes)


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Hi and so I have come seeking help on a problem (well several actually)

Background. I noticed that the drain holes under the battery and master cylinder where totally blocked. I found this out by noticing water dripping along the passenger side sill mainly at the back but along the screw holes that attach the sill over along the bottom.

So in my infinite wisdom I pulled the battery. Placed it on charge and “carefully" (stupidly) took the pressure washer to the drains and blasted out the dirty and build up. it cleared the block and lots of gunk came out the bottom. Great that’s another job sorted (so I thought). Post doing this I also fitted a MKDS remote roof opener in the drivers door. Built it all back up and started the car. Great the remote roof unit works and I can move on to my next item…

No not quite,

The door locks, memory seats, mirrors now don’t work….

Before running VCDS I pulled the MKDS unit thinking this might have caused an issue (no change). I then ran a VCDS scan cleared the old faults then ran the car up and ran several scans and got these recurring issues that I can't yet fully understand.

Address 63: Entry Assist,D Labels: None
Part No: 8H0 959 760 A
Component: EasyEntry F M H13 0010
Coding: 00006
Shop #: WSC 00065
VCID: 356194D30F417F2721-4B18

1 Fault Found:
01336 - Company Data Bus for Comfort System
80-00 - Single-Wire Operation
Address 46: Central Conv. Labels:. 8E0-959-433-MAX.clb
Part No: 8H0 959 433 F
Component: Komfortgerát T3B 3320
Coding: 06795
Shop #: WSC 00672
VCID: 377D9EDB154D8D3733-4B32

Subsystem 1 - Part No: 8H2959802B
Component: Tõrsteuer.FS BRM 3020

Subsystem 2 - Part No: 8H2959801B
Component: Tõrsteuer.BF BRM 3020

Subsystem 3 - Part No: 8H0959801A
Component: Tõrsteuer.HL BRM 0002

Subsystem 4 - Part No: 8H0959802A
Component: Tõrsteuer.HR BRM 0002

3 Faults Found:

01134 - Alarm Horn (H12)
29-00 - Short to Ground
01134 - Alarm Horn (H12)
49-00 - No Communications
01705 - Selection Switch for Mirror-Adjust (E48)
27-00 - Implausible Signal

Address 36: Seat Mem. Drvr Labels: None
Part No: 8H0 959 760
Component: Sitzmemory EE H06 0010
Coding: 00002
Shop #: WSC 00065
VCID: 74E769D744BB262FD6-4B32

1 Fault Found:
02010 - Left Entry Assistance Control Module (J572)
79-00 - Please Check Fault Codes

So looking into this I thought ok my pressure washing had ingressed water to the Comforter Control Module unit and so procedded to check this and see if there is anything I can visually see. Pulled this unit out and it looks very dry in and around the unit and seemingly no water ingress into the unit post pulling the board out.

So for now I’m at a bit of a loss and wondered if anyone could help guide me along what should I do next / has anyone come across similar issues? I have had a bit of search around am in currently drawing a blank on what to check next. My head is telling me to fork out for a new CCM and test that, but I don’t think I have fully understood the problems (very new to VCDS).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Not quite ready to reach out for an auto eletrcian, but give it a few days and if i cant get figure it out i will put a call out for a local (near Market Harborough) skilled expert to have a look (via this forum hopfully)