Having Spotify play from iphone through stereo


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Hi All

I have an audi A5 TFSI 2011 coupe.

The unit has the media section to which you can have an SD card along with a section in the glove box where you can connect what looks to be a push pin cable and have a USB or connect a device such as phone or Bluetooth to enable playing music.

Only issue is I am not sure on what to purchase so I can have spotify playing from my phone going through the car as at present I cannot do this.

Can anyone advise?

I do not know the model of stereo device in the Audi. It is a factory one though and you can connect the phone but for calls only.

Thanks :)


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Payed about 3 quid for mine from ebay, my car came with the cable for the iphone but i have samsung so got a aux fitment. If youre nearby you can have mine. If not search ebay for "mmi to iphone" for a couple more quid you can go wireless and get a bluetooth one