Headlight Shakeing


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hi Guys....
Noticed something today with my car, working late today to got to test my hid retro fit, on the way home noticed my headlights where shakeing a little when i hit a pot hole? not much just a little! did'nt really notice with the normal halogen light as the range was crap, does anyone have this problem???

thinking back a friend of mine had a 2004 1.9tdi sport and had the same thing happen when he hits a bump in the road? but i dont know if this is a common thing? or if it can be sorted?


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The bulb might not be clipped in properly. When you're going over a crevice in the road, then it's more than likely the bulb will move very slightly, but if it's moving more than normal then it could be the clip which holds the bulb in place or the actual headlight itself.


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checked the bilbs this morning quickly, there ok, seems to be the inner light moving, if i knock the headlight gentley the inner light (the bit that holds the buld seems to move), all the clips and adjust are in, the light seems to have a bit of play in it...actually both do....very strange???

been chatting to my bro, he was having the same problem on his volvo after he fitting a hid kit, he endded up packing a part of his light with some hard foam, but still allowing the light to adjust....

a few US forums have mentioned the same prob on A6's