heated seat retrofit


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Hi all
Apologies if I am posting in the wrong section or if my question has already been covered. I have an a3 8p with s3 seats installed. (Heated and lumber) although not wired in.
I am quite technically minded and so wondered if it was possible to make my own loom to connect these up. Saving money on the kufatec harness and in turn keeping the Mrs happy :)
Would really appreciate any help and even a wiring diagram if anyone has one.


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It for sure is possible but it would require reading a diagram and understanding the connections. I don't have access to ETKA where I belive you can get the harness. But is it really that expensive?

As you can see, you will need to purchase quite a lot of cables and different plugs. https://www.kufatec.co.uk/shop/en/audi/a3/a3-8p-8pa-cabrio/seat-heating-harness-audi-a3-8p-8p-sport

Remember that if your old seats were not with heating feature, you will need to replace your climate control.