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Hi Everyone,

This is just a short introduction, about TheTurboEngineers GmbH and SHARP MOTORSPORT LTD.

TheTurboEngineers GmbH & SHARP MOTORSPORT LTD are dynamic and highly innovative turbocharger engineering company, specialized in supply and production of motorsport turbochargers to the highest quality and greatest efficiency with attention to detail. Every component is optimized on long term reliability.

We are focused on the construction of prototypes from a concept, through to completion with all work mostly being done in-house to our own extremely high standards.

Small series is important to us, as is the conversion of existing OE turbochargers to new upgrade specifications, be it new or from a supplied used turbocharger.

TheTurboEngineers GmbH consults and provides to race teams and many well known tuning houses, looking for the best engineered performance turbochargers available.

Some of our In House facility’s in Germany
  • Single component balancing to 2800 rpm
  • VSR Balancing up to 250,000 rpm
  • CAD, CFD modelling
  • CNC 5 AXIS Machining workshop
  • TIG/MIG/MAG Welding
  • Bead blasting
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
I will begin to list and share details of our upgrade turbochargers and services for the Audi/VAG range over due course.

Please do check out our Facebook page & Instagram if you use this social media site, for regular updates of whats going on around or in TTE.

On behalf of myself and team TTE, thanks very much and look forward to being a part of the community here on Audi-Sport.




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Welcome, Simon. Do you offer an option for those of us with the 2.0 TSI engine (which has a K03 as standard)?


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Hi, thanks for welcome.

Are we speaking of ea888 engine ? If so yeah we are working on 2 solutions (400, 420+)
Yep, that's the one. Good to hear...I'll be keeping an eye out for your solutions once they're released! ;)