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Thought I’d sign up & introduce myself. Not just here to spam, always try to keep active on sites and also looking to improve my knowledge and get about a bit again.

I recently started working at Elite Auto Works, we specialise in german cars of all ages so as I said I’m hoping to learn a bit more for myself. I currently have a Corrado as a daily driver. Some of you may know me (or my other car); I’ve been about for over a decade now in the club/show scene. I’ve got a wide-arched candy blue Pulsar GTiR. I’ve been a club owner as well in the past; I used to co-own Borocruisers for many years. I still work with Modified Nationals. I’ve also worked organising various shows such as petrolheadz, donny, ists & jts. You may also see me about with IgnitionShows