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mr misery

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Hi Chaps / Chapettes

I've just upgraded my beloved Honda Civic Type-R for a sprint blue 56 Audi S3.

That extra 65bhp and a turbo really does make a difference doesn't it. It's pretty savage compared to my CTR.

I was wondering whether you guys could point me in the direction of some must read stickies. The first question I've got is regarding the turbo. Should I be allowing extra time for turbo to warm and then cool down after driving? I remember hearing something about this a while back but never having a turbo before it's never concerned me.

Anyway, hello to all and I'm sure I'll be making a nuisance of myself in the not to distant future.

Mr Misery


hi and welcome, quite a good step up in cars there, im sure the civic was mega fun in the twistys though!
with regards to the turbo cooling down etc, you should warm up and cool a car down slowly anyway its just more vital for turbocharged cars to prolong the life of it, its to do with the contracting of the components and viscosity and temp of oil lubricating them. personally i just let mine get up to 90 degrees before having my fun, and drive conservatively the last couple of miles.



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No need to overdo the warmup thing unless you got all the time in the world between trips..I don't! ..Its generally the big turbo cars i.e.evo, sti's that need the turbo timers etc to cool down/warmup. To be fair though, you can't go wrong by giving the S3 sufficient time to warmup/cool down as superkarl has mentioned. I won't lie and say that I do but I would never say its a bad thing. Just don't feel the need to overdo it.

Oh and all you civic type-r drivers..always try to race me but at least you know how it feels when we put our foot down and leave em for dust! Ok..my max power moment over. Enjoy the car..you will enjoy the forum.


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Oh and I use to think the S3's were putting out 261bhp in standard form but then I found out that most independent dyno's are showing about 280! You will find alot of owners with alot more power on this forum and I will warn you now..the modding bug will hit you hard and where it hurts..your pocket!! haha!.


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Welcome mate, very nice car!

Personally I don't drive ANY car hard when cold / on start up and likewise at the end I will drive the last part of my journey conservatively and then give her 30-45 seconds at idle at the end of the journey on the driveway. It may not be doing anything for the car but I'd like to think I'm trying to look after it - afterall we don't buy these cars to wreck them!

Welcome to the site mate!

Best wishes


mr misery

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Cheers for the advice chaps!

That modding bug is already starting to nibble at me, got my eye on a flat bottom wheel and potentially a device to hook my iPod up.

Let the modding begin!