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Hello all, my name's Ash and I've shamelessly signed up because I need help. My normal weapon of choice is a Defender 90 but since my fiancée and I both work in Harrogate we end up using her A6 because the fuel economy is twice as good! It's a suprisingly good car; 55 mpg, comfortable, loads of space, respectable performance & dual zone climate control for £2700. Grantd it's a ten year old estate but I'm still impressed with it. Not too sure on the brakes, mind!

I think this thing has suffered all of the common Audi faults at some time; the most problems being a leaky pas rack, a disconnected rear washer tube and some dodgy front wiper behaviour.

So anyway, hello!


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Hi Ash, :sign_welcome: to our friendly community!
Enjoy the site!