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Hi guys,

Bit of an emotional story but to keep it sort and sweet.

My darling wife decided to treat herself to a nardo grey RS3 bit of a petrol head and was pregnant at the time I blame her baby brain

My son was born and three weeks later while we was in the house excited about our new born our house was broken into while we was in it and they stole MY 2013 s4 as the keys were by the door. But by the time I confronted them it was 4 on 1 lost battle and I had a new born in the house had to protect the mrs and kid screw the car.

But it was well obvious they wanted the RS3 and they came back the following night for the RS3 but I imagine they got scared as left. Since then the RS3 has been locked away my S4 got trashed and the guys were arrested but not the main driver so the police could not do anything.

I now have to drive a 1.2 kia to keep me going on my day to day and had to fork out on a family car.

I am now in a limbo do I keep the RS3 or get rid of it. It was an ex demo and I barely put 6K on the clock. I have a tracker and gap on the car. but when you drive the car you get annoyed that something you work hard for so,me idiot wants it for a drug fix.

What do you guys think?
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I am sorry about the car. ****** Moro*s, a disgrace to the community in general and society in particular. Use of 'rubber' would see this world a much safer place.

I agree with @ terminator x here, it is utter rubbish from Audi. There is no way Ghost or any tracking device interferes with the ECU or over-writes any of the data that it contains. There is no tempering that you are doing and there are 1000s of people out there who have these fitted to their cars and had their cars serviced regularly at the Stealership.

I think you should ask your stealership to provide it to you in writing of the issues a tracking device would cause as well as pick it up with Audi UK.
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I feel your pain. Bought my RSQ3 last year,love the car,but it is a worry with the scum out there. My Mrs won’t even drive it,after a spate of carjacking where we live,she wants me to get rid asap. Audi offering £7-8k less than I paid only six months ago! Rock and a hard place......Hope it works out for you fella,good luck.

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How awful. That must have been traumatic for you and your wife. I worry about carjacking when I'm in mine and its only an S3 so not as attractive to the idiots as yours. I debadged it on day 1 but the thieves will know what it is. I've already decided I will get something less attractive to thieves when I change. It's out of sight when I'm not driving it but I've still decided something less attractive next time. I've had nice cars before including mercs, jags, 335 bmw but this is the only one I've worried about.
I suppose you have to weigh up the loss of a few £'s against piece of mind if she is so worried. It makes me sick that we have to think like this due to scum. I'm a worrier so I'd be swapping it


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If you really want to keep the car then fit a ghost system or a pandora. Then upgrade security at home. Might even be worth getting a stop lock as well

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Holy ****, that sounds absolutely dreadful! Do you live in Syria or Iraq???

As others have said, install Ghost but I'd also be looking at securing your house if they're so brazen as to break in. Maybe a panic button or the like?

I'd certainly not be selling my car because of scum like this, though.

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thanks guys,

really grateful your input, iv gone bat crazy on my house security you would need to blow it up to get in security gates grills everywhere.

my neighbour just bought an m140 BMW so should I be worried now. or give it a few month and see if that vanishes LOL

Pandora is what I am looking at as well as a steering wheel lock... as i have a Vodafone track on it already.

im am convinced the dealership sold my details. just cant prove it.

thanks guys.


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Don't look. Do it now. Go and buy a steering lock from Hellfrauds. Get a ghost ordered asap

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Sorry to hear that that's awful. Mine is s3 an worried every day I go to work.

However, my friend wanted a bigger car due to family extension and swapped his Rs3 for GLC Coupe and regrets every day!

How big is your family? As i have two boys and coping well in S3