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I just purchased a 2005 Audi A8L Quadtro , model with older grill design. I did not get any manuals with it and the option sticker has been torn off in the trunk. Can anyone answer any of the following questions for me and give me some much needed guidance? I am sorry if this is a repost as I am sure some of my issues have been covered in other forums, however in the interest of keeping postings to a minium, and since I am sure that someone out there has Vast Audi knowledge, I'm including it all in one post. I have had BMWs before and this is my first AUdi and my wife now wants to trade her Mercedes ML for an A4.

1: THe MMI unit has the phone option, and there is some type of connectors under armrest, but I do not have a handset.My cellphone takes a SIMM card and I have read that I should be able to put my simmcard in the car somewhere, or sync my phone via bluetooth. I have tried syncing the phone by turning on the bluethooth on my phone and connecting to the car with sucess. I have only been able to carry on one conversation and since then I have had various problems I have a SOny Experia TL Cellphone on the AT&T network. I dont know if I am missing anything in the car but if someone can provide step by step instructions that I can try to do to avoid the issues I am having I would be gratefull.. Here is a list:

a: When manually inputing a number to call the phone gets stuck on Dialing Number. I cannot exit this and the radio wont come off of mute, nor will it shut off. I have to disconnect the car battery to reset the system then the radio works fine.
b: Car requests phonebook to be downloaded from cellphone and I allow, however no information is ever put in the phonebook.
c: WHen answering the phone via MMI either I can hear the other person but they cannot hear me, or vice versa. Both have happend during testing.

2: Front cupholder insert is missing. Where is the best/cheapest replacement for them?
3: Light bulb burnt out icon is lit up, but all bulbs seem to be working.
4: Twice my battery went dead after the car sat for 2 hours.
5: Is there anyway to stream my music via bluetooth or a headphone jack from my cellphone? Under the Source option I only have CD listed.
6: I read somewhere about a software update for the MMI, where can I get it and how do I do it?
7: Does anyone know where I can get the options list from the VIN?
8: The curtousy window up/down option stopped working. They were both working and then the drivers side stopped, and a week later the passenger side.

If anyone can help I would be very thankfull. Thanks for reading and helping this newbee Audi A8 owner! I love the car and I think as long as these remain my only issues, I will continue to be a loyal Audi owner, and convert the BMW and Mercedes owners I know, my wife being the first!!


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Hi welcome to the forum!
I recently had opertunity to work on the w12 model !

Firstly, we was looking for a way to connect a Bluetooth phone also as the car had a Bluetooth moterola in the armrest cradle but were led to believe its impossible without a new Bluetooth module. Id be interested to know how you paired a handset!

We also have a burnt lamp, when I used vcds it was a rear indicator fault, but led cluster looked fine. Do you have an indication of what caused it?

We have the same issues with random flat battery and Windows too! When you replace the battery, the car needs resetting and coding via vcds and it this isnt completed the generator doesnt function properly.

Im going to watch your thread closely, I appeared to have fixed the battery isses but nothing else so far!

Good luck!


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To pair the handset I first went into the setup menu on the MMI and deleted saved bluetooth devices. Then I reset to factory defaults. After that I went into the bluetooth menu on my phone and scanned for new devices. Audi popped up and I connected to it. It asked for a pin and I type in 1234 and on the MMI screen the bluetooth indicator and signal meter come on. If I don't download the phonebook or try to use any of the advanced functions of the phone on the MMI I seem to be able to answer the phone via MMI and call someone on my cellphone and talk through the car. Basic functions seem to work fine, and I think I may just keep it that way for now. I have read online that if you shut the car off with the radio on, the radio drains power from the battery and that there is a software update to address this issue. I have been shutting the radio off and havent had any additional issues. I didnt get the Motorola handset with the car so I am not aware of the functionallity of it.


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Voltage output from a battery can be a red herring. Perhaps, if you have a multimeter you can check across the terminals with the engine running to ensure the alternator is good. Providing that is okay, you need to check the battery current; I think these have a 93A lump in the back? Perhaps a 75A.

Either way, when I checked mine (different reasons but could easily have resulted in similar symptoms), the battery output was only 15A! This is clearly not enough to run the myriad of electronics in an A8.

Resolve the battery issue first, I don't think (unless you have a short somewhere in the radio system) that it would drain the battery when the car is off. If so, it could be drawings and multimeter time!