Help needed after first AVS service and new tyres.


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Took my 2.0 TDI CR140 in for it's first 2 year service at just under 17K, They put 4 new Continental Contact 2's on and performed the long life 19K service and the Air Con Service, all for under £700, Not bad I thought BUT.

Having owned this car from new, drive pretty much the same routes etc etc you get to know the DIS mpg you will get for these journeys, now 56 -60 on a run and about 40 - 45 in and out of town short journeys is my norm. I have 47.6 overal on the computer 2 dash from new. I usually fill up about 50 litres for about 530 miles.

I have done about 500 miles since the service and things are no longer the same, I am only getting 47 - 50 on the runs and 38 -43 in and around town, sheer pulling power is down as well, you dont get that real pull through the rev bandany more, yes it is still good but down on what it was.

It has been back to Audi today and they told my other half that perhaps she was reading the wrong part of the display as they might of knocked a button while they cleaned it, that was not clever I thought as she knows that is a total cop out, me not happy at that remark, they say they have checked everything over and it is all OK and I should be happy to be getting high 40's from a run. They tell me it might improve as the tyres bed in and it runs a bit more.

Plus my young son find a cigerette lighter laying in the back where he sits, they tell me that the engineer who worked on it dont smoke, nor does the guy who cleaned it, so they say it couldn't of come from them, I dont smoke, nor does my other half so not sure how it "beamed" into my car.

Plus the car went in with 1 scuffed front n/s wheel, yes it was me not the other half who done that but came out with 4 scuffed wheels which looked like it was done while changing wheels, they tell me that they must of been like that as their trye chager has a special pad on it to stop these marks, can't prove they were good before so tough on me!

Bit frustrated, has anyone had similar problems of loss of mpg after service? down on power, I did check the contact 2 economy settings compared to the bridgestones and they should really be better, they also tell me that contact 2's have good economy compared to bridgestones.