Hi! Some advice please..


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Hi guy's....I'm new to the forum and have scoured the RS3 section quite a bit, some good posts and knowledge base on here!

I don’t yet have an RS3 but have one in my sights...going to view it when I return to the UK (in Canada working at the mo) and was wondering if there were anything you guys could point out that really needs looking at?

I'm aware of the squeaky brake fix (will the vehicle documents show this as being done?) and software updates and I'm also aware that some prop shafts have failed but I doubt I could spot this....

Any more advice?

The only other problem is Audi Salesmen unwavering/unwillingness to move on the price! they staunchly stand by the "the car owes us more" or "it's already competitively priced/we don’t have the margins" which is bobbins as I.ve read on here (or the 'other' forum) that Audi offered £25K trade in!

Anyway again Hi all and look forward to ownership of the RS3....;)


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GREAT Choice, I know the RS3 isn't available in Canada as I remind a friend in Toronto constantly.

All issues with a UN+K supplied RS3, and there really ain't that many, will be logged on an authorised Audi dealer against whatever car you want to purchase, so do not worry there. ALL changes currently listed are NOT applicable to ALL cars, so it's selective. FIRST chose your car.

If you need assistance when back here.

Are you really sure you want to swap Canada for the UK??? :unsure:

A 'loonie' here in the UK has a different meaning to one in Canada.

Why not just ship an RS3 out there? :uhm:


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Hi 45bvtc, thanks for the reply...

I'm actually a London lad and just out here on a contract! it's a nice place alright but the UK is still home...just here to earn a few loonies (and toonies!):icon_thumright:

The car I've got my eye on is a 62 plate, it's got about 12K miles on it so as good as new (hopefully!)

As for having an RS3 out here I doubt it would be a pleasant experience....the roads are worse than the UK! and thats when their not covered in 6" of snow.....


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That's not how I remember those roads, either the 401 East/West from Toronto, or the 400 up and around Lake Simco. I was based in Pickering.

OK, so Niagra got a little cold in January...


A 62 plate with 12K on is as good as anything. Buy from a good dealer, Stafford Audi are my local dealer and they seem to be a seller of second-user RS3s.


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OK, so Niagra got a little cold in January...

I'm in St John's Newfoundland, lovely place but regularly -20/-30 with wind chill in the winter....I've shovelled more snow in the past months than I have in my life! the rain of the UK will be a welcome break:blink:

I'll let you know how I get on r.e. the RS3, thanks for the reassurances!


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Welcome to the forum and good luck with your purchase :sm4:

I think you've sussed the main issues (squealy brakes and prop shaft bearings failures).

To check for the brake fix ... look on the front spider for the part number ... should end in .B as on here (1st photo):


Other complaints I've read on here are :

1. Wind noise from the front door seals.
2. Squeaky front passenger seats.
3. Loss of coolant (mine lost a lot for the first 1000 miles but has now settled)
4. A few reports of fuel leaks

I'd also check the alloys and tyres very carefully, they are both expensive to replace. Make sure they are the original Audi alloys too ... it has been known for first owners to trade in with replicas on, that go unnoticed by the dealer !


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Blimey swapping the alloys....bit sneaky! Thanks for the heads up.

Is there an easy way to spot this without having the wheels off? Usually alloys have their markings on the back of the wheel, don't imagine I'll be able to see this unless I get the opportunity to get it on a ramp in the service bay!


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But there are others who've had no complaint at all Aircool2012. Ok, I've had brake-squeal (but I sorted that within the week) but haven't had squeaky seats (this tends to be on bucket seats only), some wind noise from driver-door seal is very slight (I've heard a lot worse on other RS3s mind), zero water loss, zero oil use, and no fuel leaks.

In fact, the RS3 is such a good motorcar that I'll be keeping mine for some time.

My one piece of advice to you would be to pick your Audi dealer carefully, and the Audi Service Technician even more so.


As John says, there are people with RS3's that have had no trouble.

Mine uses no oil or water(had an 11 plate Golf Gti that supped the brown stuff regular)

Alloys i suppose the only way is to whip 'em off when you've got it home to check as they'll be stamped on the inside spokes with manufacturer/part no/ wheel size/offset

Yes i have a squeaky drivers seat(not the passenger one mentioned on the recall)

I haven't got wind (noise) on any door seal / window (until i open it to listen to the F**king glorious 5 Cylinder noise)

You don't really appreciate it until driving something else for a few days like we are while its in at Audi.


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Aircool, Audi dealers will move on price given the right incentives.
Most dealers hold at least a portion of their second hand stock on a form of HP rather than buy them outright which means that they are paying out monthly to keep it on the forecourt and its depreciating whilst its sitting there.
If a car has been on the forecourt for a while loosing them money every month then they are more likely to want to "negotiate".
The trick is to do a quick HPi check on the prospective purchase to find out if its on tick, find out how long they have had it and then hold out for a discount if they have had it a while and its costing them to keep it.
You may have to walk away from the first negotiation after leaving them with your offer and be willing to bide your time waiting for them to realise that you may walk away permenantly. They usually come back to you a few days later with a revised price.

However if you find a car that you must have and don't want to chance loosing it (they will know) you'll have to pay whatever price they ask.
Looking round the Interweb there are quite a few RS3s up for sale at the moment so you have the advantage if your in no rush.