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Well a week of running, can’t say I can see it’s dropped more. Sandip certainly said he noticed a difference when he spotted me around town. I’ll be honest……..I thought the ride might have been a little more supple now I’ve had time to get a good feeling of it. But I can live with it.

My lower door strips arrived today from Latvia. These were the only ones I could lay my hands on since the Genuine ones are now long gone. I did think I had some new plastic clips to hold them on. But having replaced the ones on the passenger door, it seems my clips make the trim sit proud of the door slightly. So I’ll have to try and find the correct ones. I’ve cleaned all the crud off the door also, there is some small patches of corrosion, but nothing I’m really worried about currently. I also had to get the white spirit out and rub this horrible shiny top layer off they came with. Horrendous, I think when the strips were packaged they were still wet, so the nylon bags they were in, stuck to the strips making a right old mess. All looking good now.

I also took apart the shocks, as I’ll look to sell the springs on to those who need them. I now know why the car was higher on one side at the back, an issue highlighted by the previous owner MaverickTDI. Looks like somebody put an aftermarket special spring on, which was nowhere near the sport spec spring.
I think my shocks were shafted too, can’t quite believe the state of them. The top arms when removed, the inner bushes were actually loose in their casings. No wonder the car feels so much more planted at the rear now.

So cars all polished now, for a trip to Oulton Park for the BTCC tomorrow. Not sure if anybody else is going? Had a fair few admirers last year and it was nowhere near the condition it’s in now. If anybody’s there, come say hi!



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Managed to get a job done tonight, and thank holy god it’s now done. Was attempting previously to try and get the yoke out of the prop shaft. But along came injury and some other issues. Couldn’t get my press to do it as the arbors wouldn’t stay still. So some brute force and ignorance combined with using the vice as a press, and it’s out. Managed to grind out the stake marks, being careful not to grind too much off. Just need to press the bearing caps in, and then improvise a staking tool to stake the new end caps in place. I stopped going any further as I want to add more grease to the bearing caps, and I don’t have any lithium grease.

I also got my caliper halves back from a friend who has media blasted them. So have sprayed these with 3 coats of colour, and 2 of lacquer. Hoping with these fitted the alignment should be much better. I’m trusting it that much that I’m going to order to better discs, and new pads as well.



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Calipers done today, bleed nipples were a bit rubbish, struggled to undo them, even with heat. So took them out, got a wore brush on the thread and reinstalled with a sliver of copper grease. I’ll have to find time in the weeks ahead to reinstall everything.

I also managed to spend time doing the prop shaft today. Was so relieved to get the older UJ out, I was inspired to carry on this evening and get the new one in. Used the vice to close the caps into the prop, filled with all new Lithium grease. Once in, I used a 20p, and closed the caps in to the depth of the 20p. Once everything was installed, I needed to stake them. I’ve tried and tried to get a staking tool, but cannot get one on its own. So I adopted another strategy I’ve seen done, a cold chisel. Managed to use the corner of the chisel, to get the correct result. Once all the stakes done, I sprayed it with under seal as it looked a bit snappy all rusty. I do have a brand new prop bearing to go on also, still deciding if Im going to use the standard bearing carrier, or an aftermarket version. Brand new prop joints at each end as well. Hopefully this will go some ways to address the banging and bearing whirring noise.

Im happy now though, as the prop is ready to go on, as is the exhaust!



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Little bit of work at weekend. Managed to get the prop shaft completely rebuilt now, with the dreaded bolt wound back in, and the centre prop bearing pressed into position. I’m not putting the outer CV’s on until it’s being fitted To save any damage.

The new drivers door handle is fitted now also, looks 100% better, and the tension on the handle spring makes door latching a lot better.

Also saw something that’s been winding me up for a while, a replacement cigar lighter assembly. Just need to get that fitted now.
Has anybody ever seen a ‘how to’ on replacing the armrest internal mechanism? To stop it clicking down randomly when you lean on it? I have a spare armrest (in blue) which I’d pull apart to swap parts out with if it was an easy-ish job.

Anyway, hopefully some more parts from AUTODOC tomorrow. Can fit the original calipers then.

Last picture is now Ive just washed it, in some ways I wish the suspension was a bit lower. But then I drive it on the fantastic roads around Bolton and I know any lower would be a mistake.