High-Mileage TT?


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There is a TT advertised near me which has done 120k miles with full Audi main dealer Service history from new. However at 96k miles the cam-belt snapped and as a result a new engine was fitted for free as the car was still 3-days within it's warranty period!

Now I am considering purchasing this car (providing the price is right), however I would be really interested to here peoples opinions on a car which as done 120k? As the engine has been changed would it be fair to say I could have a few years trouble-free motoring - or is the rest of the car going to be worn out too?

Also, anything in particular I should look for in a 2000 (X) 225 Quattro?


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120k!,thats nothing for these cars! get it bought! Audi and 120k is nothing!


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I don't understand.... cambelt snapping in 2003 @ 96k then for 4 years the car does tiny mileage in comparision ? Was the car quickly sold after the belt went or somthing ? How many owner's does it have ?


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120k means its run in :) :) :) I wouldnt worry ATALL!

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if its had a new engine fitted by audi whats the problem go for it . the only thing u need to think about is how much its going to be worth when it comes to selling it . or if u are like me i buy a car because i really want it not because i want to make money on it . if the car has a full service history i wouldnt even think twice about it i would have brought it , one little tip for you i work for the rac autowindscreens . check the glass on the car to see if its all audi if it aint dont touch it theres a small chance a cow bow fitter has touched it and it maybe rusty as hell under the glass edge and will cost big bucks to put it right ok >>>>>>>>>>>>> :salute:


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should be fine, but many examples about

cambelt should be changed every 50k or 5 years