hmm, RS3 confirmed?


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Just had a look at this weeks Auto Express in the 'coming soon' section,page 85, and it lists the RS3 arriving autumn 07!


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Maybe, maybe not.


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Do you not think it would have been much more publicised ie stories in motoring press and spy photos if it was only around 6months from release?

Let alone Audi announcing it, they did the R8 ages before they even started making it!


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nope, i can assure you 100% there isnt even an RS3 sketch at Audi, nevermind prototype.... Audi would hardly keep something quiet to sell more cars of another type...

think about it like this... how much do you think an RS3 would cost... £32-33k then add some extra's.... your at £35-37k for a 3 door hatchback... what power would they put as standard... maybe 320bhp?

It just doesnt stack up... and thats why Audi have no intention to make one, I asked the question at Audi headquarters, and that was there response, there is no room in the Audi range of offerings to support the building of such a car!

I know its a shame, good knows I'd have liked to try justifying the spend, but its never gonnna happen... and IF it did Audi wouldnt be keeping it hidden, they'd be shouting it from the roof tops!


For sure no RS3, not profitable project at all unlike S3...

Would be welcome but I think I'm already mad paying almost £32k for my S3, no way I would pay S5 money for a RS3... the other thing is I can easily make my car a RS3... 330hp is perfectly possible from a 2.0T, I got quattro, I can fit bigger Brembo brakes and a big master cylinder, go Eibach/Koni/Bilstein, and 4 Michelin Sport Cup tires... There you go the fastest hot hatch in the planet!

Sorry mates, I don't believe an RS3 will ever come out of Audi... Beatiful to see it but... don't think so!



To add fuel to the fire - spy pics of the Mkv Golf R36 are starting to creep on the internet (have a look on on channel 4 - 4Car website).
Quoting c280-300bhp 5-5.5secs 0-60. Has a more aggresive body kit. might be something, might be nothing, but would Audi let VeeDub have the ultimate hatch??????

Might mean an RS3 is on the cards in another 12-18 months or the S3 might get a power hike to keep it top of the VAG pile!!!!
RS3 would be eye wateringly expensive though - as if the S3 wasn't already!!!!


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The R36 is going to be the follow up to the mkiv R32 that hit the showrooms a few years back. The current R32 is the replacement to the V6 4motion.

Expect the R36 to be a more racing style version of the current R32.

I dont see how this has any bearing on the chances of there EVER being an RS3, as an RS3 in any shape of form has never been made. So for Audi to make one, it would have to see a potential market to invest in such a build... im sorry but there just isnt a market.

I doubt the power hike either tbh, the R36 wont have the build quality of the S3, and after owning an original R32 I can say while i loved it, Audi S3's are in a different league!


There wasn't an R32 6 years ago so saying an RS3 will never be made as there wan't one before means nothing- if a market wants something enough someone will make it be it VW, Audi, BMW - whoever!
The R36 is expected to have the same engine as the R36 passat 3.6 V6 FSI and that's good for what 280bhp? I think it would give the standard S3 a real good run for it's money is all I'm saying!
Maybe Audi will just up the power of the S3 or maybe it might force them in to developing a harder version - was just sharing what I heard.
I'm not convinced there would be a market for a £35k hatch - but that's not to say I wouldn't lust after one!!!!!


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I think Auto Express get their spy shots from google sketch up ;)



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audi usually save the RS until near the end of a product lifecycle. Whens the new A3 due?