Honest Review of BCS Powervalve WRC Exhaust for RS3 8P


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So i'm just going to drop my personal review of the BCS Powervalve WRC exhaust for RS3 8P.

I will be splitting up the review in bits, just because they deserves a real review.

BCS Facebook / Messenger support:
I've ordered from the company twice, and both times i've been stunned with the amount of support i've gotten.
Nige is THE MAN! Always helping out with questions, updates, pictures and videos.

First order:
First order i made was a downpipe & cat delete pipe. I immediately went to message BCS on facebook chat, just to clarify that the downpipe and cat delete pipe would fit directly to my stock exhaust.
It didn't take more than 5 minutes for my question to be replied, and i got confirmed that it would fit perfectly on to my stock exhaust.

Second order:
Time went by, and having a downpipe on my stock system got boring.
I wrote a message to Nige and once again it only took around 5-10 minutes for a reply.
I even ended up ordering both a RS3 8p exhaust and S3 8p exhaust

I started out questioning if i should pick a resonated or non resonated (WRC) model for my car, as i use it as a daily driver. It didn't take Nige long to get me to pick the exhaust i wanted. A few videos and some small talk, and the product was ordered.

All guidance and advice helped me out very much!

Packaging and fitment:
The package is well packed and secured. When you open the package you quickly notice that they care about your product being handed to you in a good shape.
Every single piece of exhaust is wrapped around in a thick layer of bubble wrap, not that standard layer of thin bobble wrap.

As for fitment, i have NEVER ever mounted an exhaust that fit just as good as the stock exhaust. I've seen and changed quite a bit of exhausts from known and popular brands, NEVER have i ever had something go as smooth as the exhaust from BCS.

And that goes for both the RS3 and S3 ;)

ound and personal experience with the exhaust:

I've been only amazed with the exhaust. Stunned by the quality, the sound and the look of it.

The exhaust is just pure art. You get the feeling of real quality when you hold it in your hands, even when looking at it, you just see pure quality.

The sound is incredible. I've heard some other RS3's with other known and popular brands, and MY personal taste leans towards the BCS exhaust. High rep brands all sound amazing, no doubt about it,
But trust me, this exhaust will amaze you.

I'm overall amazed with the whole experience as a customer of BCS Powervalve.

Support: 9.5/10
Packaging and fitment: 10/10
Sound and personal experience: 10/10

The only reason support gets 9.5/10 is because the delivery got delayed a bit, due to miscommunication. Not a big problem, and got solved very fast. But if i have to put my finger on something, it would be that! :)

FYI: This is not a sponsored review, i've paid the full price for the product.
But BCS deserves a personal review for all the work they've put in to both support me, and deliver the product just as i wanted it.


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These systems still only work on boost for the full noise? It has it changed to work on the S button now? How much are the catback for RS3 8P, what’s the drone like for the non res system